How Many Steps To Solar?

Sep 14, 2022 | 0 comments

How Many Steps Are There To Getting A Solar System?      


First of all, SolarU takes care of everything so you don’t have to.  Other solar provides make you take care of many of the below steps.  But SolarU is committed to making your solar installation as easy as possible for you, your family, and your household.


That said, there are many steps involved in installing and turning on a solar array.  Solar is more like building a home than buying a sandwich.  Buying a sandwich is a one-step process; building a home requires multiple steps.  Many of those steps are applicable to solar:



Most solar buyers want to take advantage of the rebates offered by federal, provincial, and town governments.  To qualify for many rebates, the home must receive an energy audit.  An inspector will review the home and conduct testing to determine the home’s ability to retain energy.  After solar is installed, they’ll again audit the home, and they’ll compare new readings to the original benchmarks.


Additional inspection will be conducted by your town and your utility. The interaction with your town will include building permit application requests, approvals, inspections, and closures.  Similarly, your utility will require connection applications, inspections, and approvals. Finally, there may be an inspection required to approve of the electrical work conducted to connect the panels to each other, the inverter, your electrical panel, and the utility.  from your town.  There will be similar applications, approvals, inspections, and interconnections from your utility.



SolarU designs arrays to best match your power consumption over the past year.  Your system will be designed by SolarU using a program that considers your home’s placement in relation to the sun, the size of your roof, shade trees, and protrusions from your roof.  The state of your roof and your electric panel will also be included in the design.  The design components will include a blueprint drawing, a system design, and a structural design.




Installation is the phase after design and applications.  This phase is most surprising to our customers, because unlike our competition, SolarU stocks all of our materials in our warehouse in Halifax. So there’s no supply chain issues impacting panel production, no waiting for materials to ship from overseas, no delays at congested ports, and no finger crossing hoping for just in time inventory practices to pan out. Since we store our materials before-hand, our customers only have to wait for materials to get from Halifax to their homes nearby.  Once materials are on-site, installation can be as short as one day or as long as three.



Rebate applications take place prior to installation as part of the assessment process.  Once the system is installed and operational, a second home energy audit will be conducted.  Upon completion of the audit, the rebate will be processed.


Remember, although solar is more complex than a turkey on rye, SolarU makes it as easy as ordering your favorite sandwich.  We do everything under the sun – so you don’t have to.



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